Homecoming/Party weekend

Hey all, I'm trying to figure out my schedule for the next month or so, which is very much up in the air at this point. One thing I need to figure out is that if I'm able to come to Homecoming/party weekend, where I'd be able to stay. I've got a sleeping bag, if necessary. Thanks!

Email from Matt Charles: Another Postcard from Camp Victory

If you, my dear audience, will recall,
the first Post Card from Camp Victory was written seven months ago,
and was from Kuwait.
This one too is from Kuwait.
Bye-bye Fallujah.
Bye-bye Al Karmah.
Fare thee well.
Fare thee far away from me.
Yeah , doggie, I'm a comin' home.
Later today I'll be running ther customs gauntlet
and put on a plane to Los Estados Unidos in the wee hours of the morn.
Forty-eight should put me stateside.
Ten days should put me in the Grand and Soverign Republique de Tejas
Thank you all for your thoughts, prayer, and packages.
My sense of humor is a little more off-kilter than it used to be,
but I did manage to pass the Marine Corps "Are You Crazy?" test.
(It's by Marine Corps standards, so we're not really sure how not crazy
I am.)
Well, I'll see you all when I see you.
Semper Fi, In the Bonds, God Bless and all that.
-Sgt Matthew T Charles, USMC (soon to be just plain Matt)
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Email from Matt Charles: "No More Bullets"

(also posted on my page)

Yes, I have turned in my bullets
(well, most of 'em)
and my pullet resistant kidneys.
That means that we're a goin' home.
A couple a hops will put me in Lejeune, NC
by the afternoon of the 13th.
A few days in Lejeune and then we'll be back in Tejas
sometime between the 18th and 22nd.
No more strolls through sceninc Al Karmah.
That's the news from the sandbox.

-see y'all soon

Email from Matt Charles: "T minus 'n' and counting"

(for those of you who won't have seen it on my page)

Greetings again from my favorite war-torn corner of God's Cruel
The countdown to the freedom bird has begun.
We're just not real sure where the zero is.
On the 5th we *should* be headed to Kuwait.
No later than the 11th we *should* be headed to Lejeune.
And sometime between the 13th and 22nd we *should* be back
in the Grand and Soverign Republique de Tejas.
To celebrate the count-down they kicked us out of our barracks.
(by "barrakcs" I mean drafty, 'I hope this doesn't fall down' bomb
They kicked us across the base into some slightly sketchier digs.
For the next two-and-a-half-odd weeks I live in an Iraqi broom closet.
No, really.
I scored the broom closet 'cause RHIP (Rank Has Its Privledges).
So... we're almost in the clear.
Just a few more strolls into lovely Al Karmah before they send us back
to a place where you can go past the end of your driveway
without an assault rifle and sixty-plus pounds of body armor.
(those pansies in the Crusades only carried thirty-some-odd)
Anyway, that's the news from the sandbox.
I'll see all/most/some of your smiling/grimicing faces in a matter of

-Blah, Blah, Blah
-Sgt Matthew Charles of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children

PS, I promise I'm not really that much crazier than when I left.
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Crazy town

So does anyone ever use this here little community thingermajig? What might be a most excellent weekend to visit the Mountain? And when is your Spring Break? See how I capitalized?

Email From Matt

For those of you who won't have seen it om my page:

And again, greetings from the now muddy wasteland
that I like to call home.
It does rain in the desert.
And, for some reason,
the Iraqi people don't have much of an ifrastructure
to move water from the streets.
But the water and the sand get along very well.
They make mud.
Lots and lots of mud.
Picture all the mud you've ever seen in one place.
Now, more... lots more.
Yeah, that much mud.
And now, instead of sand cutting visibilty to zero,
it's fog.
Always someting new.
A nice thick fog to do wven Sewanee proud.
The convoy commander had to walk in front tossing chem lights
a la Hansel and Gretel
every 10 meters for 10 klicks.
And we still wound up in the oncomming lane of traffic.
Which is OK,
so long as you have more machine guns than they guy coming the other
We have lots of machine guns.
We have three weeks left of combat missions,
then I can breath easy.
We should be back in Lejune round the 10th
and DFW around the 13th.
Though, like all word in Uncle Sam's Misguided Children
'tis subject to change w/o notice.
And, as much as I have loved my stay here
and all the Arab hospitality,
too all of you planning a vacation here,
allow me to suggest more temperate climes.

Be well. Godspeed to all. Peace on Earth, or at least a resonable
facimile thereof.
Sgt M Charles, USMC